Friday, December 21, 2012

Life of a graduate

Well folks, I'm a graduate! FINALLY! It has been a long, hard road to be where I am today and it certainly had its fair share of setbacks... but I officially hold a B.S. in Elementary Education!

So, now what? People have been asking a lot of questions... and I'm going to answer them all, right here.

1. No, I do not have a job.
2. Yes, yes I am currently looking.
3. Yes, I still want to be a teacher even after the tragedy in Newtown.
4. No, I do not want a gun in my classroom.
5. Yes, I have a feeling I will have some interviews lined up after principals return from Christmas break.
6. Yes, I did cry like a baby at graduation.
7. No, I haven't done anything productive since my graduation party.
8. And finally, I'm not worried about getting a job. I'm going to enjoy the holidays and worry about it in 2013.

So, if you have any questions OTHER than those I've answered above, feel free to ask. But I DARE you to ask one of those after reading the answers... :-D

It was hard to leave my 22 wonderful second graders on November 30th, I grew to love them so much more than I ever thought was possible. And it was also hard to go through graduation knowing that my Daddy was missing out on one of the biggest things to happen in my life. But I know he probably had the best view in the house, and my mom, grandparents, and second mama Emily were all there with me, and that was all I needed. We partied the week after, and I've never felt more blessed in my life. I have some pretty amazing friends and people who love me in my life. It was so wonderful to see everyone who came by, and I hope to see some of the others who couldn't come soon!

Seeing that we've survived the end of the world, it's now 2 days until the 23rd. It will be 6 years since I've seen my Daddy this year. Which doesn't seem possible. Sometimes it seems like it happened yesterday, and then other days I feel as if it's been 50. Usually, I'm shoulder deep in "Scrooge Mode" about this time of the month, but thanks to finishing my student teaching, graduation, and graduation party... I've been relatively busy and thankfully have not had too much time to dwell on the sad things in my life. So that's been a plus...

What else is going on... I'm in the process of being completely moved out from my apartment in Lumberton and back with my mom until that job pops up for me and I can get a place of my own! I just have a few more small things to get from Lumberton, and the cleaning left to do before I happily handover my keys back to the real estate place... I can honestly say that I will not miss living there. And have no intentions of going back, unless I do it willing and even that's questionable. :) Because, let's be honest... Lumberton stinks. Nothing to do, nowhere enjoyable to go, and Fayetteville is the closest "Big City"... No thanks! Plus Wilmington is now fully equip with a Hobby Lobby, so my reasons for going to Fayetteville are now non-existent.

Other than that... I believe that's about all the catching up that I have to do. Oh. The radio in my car completely died... so I've been riding around with NO music... and actually having to have conversations with the passengers in my car. Hopefully will have a new one the day after Christmas! Went to look at it today and set up the appointment... It's super snazzy and fancy... and I'm sure it will take me weeks to figure out how to use it. :)


I hope all of you have a WONDERFUL Christmas! (Hope that doesn't offend anyone... Never know these days) and best wishes for a beautiful and happy new year!


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